When choices for ‘the gift’ have been narrowed down to a box of chocolates, a monogrammed pen-and-pencil set or yet another knit scarf, it’s time to try something different: a gift that will bring treasured remembrances for years to come.

It takes time to plan a gift such as this -- time spent reflecting on the personality of our subject, the hobbies, the pets, the occasion. You’ll have to plot a little to obtain the necessary photos, too. Both email and digital photography can make this process totally pain-free. All of this caring and energy will become part of the gift, and the recipient will see that this wasn’t just a spur-of-the-moment ‘all-purpose’ choice.

I’ve always kept away from those caricature styles which distort and ridicule. I study the face and my notes and I think about the meaning this picture will have for the recipient. I think about all of the pieces of the story that I’m creating. The amount of detail that I put into each picture is far beyond that found in "party" caricatures, and it is this detail that makes each one so special.
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